For whom the course is designed

The course is intended for men and women aged  from 13 years old, but there is no upper age limit, which would restrict you. You can start with shin karate at any age, we’ll guide you slowly and gradually, depending on your individual needs and the possibilities of the fighting art, to your optimum condition. Absolute beginners and those who already have martial arts experience can come to the training at any time.

How a shin karate basic training course looks

Training consists of several parts which can be combined in various ways during each hour. This includes an opening meditation, stretching, practicing basic punches and kicks alone or in combination, practicing basic techniques and combinations of motion, training of techniques in pairs with boxer’s mitts, punching bags, training preparation techniques to fight in pairs in the form of specified combinations of attack and defense, combat management training, free-form fighting (sparring), strengthening exercises, training to enhance physical fitness, endurance, closing meditation.

Meditation and Kiai

The meditation at the beginning has the role of a sort of mental boundary - transition from the world to the dojo, where we concentrate on your body, which greatly diverts us from attention to the mind. And thereby we achieve extreme mental relaxation during the training. The closing meditation brings us back to everyday life, but in a slightly different manner than before training - relaxed and focused.

Kiai can be described as a battle cry that accompanies techniques in their strongest moment. It helps the flow of energy and harmonizes the movement of breath. That which we don’t let out of ourselves in everyday life, we let out here in the dojo using Kiai.

The benefits of shin karate

Shin karate helps restore mental balance, strengthens the ability to concentrate and by mastery of various techniques contributes to the strengthening of the entire physical body. Shin karate teaches us to be able to defend ourselves in critical situations. Regular training can achieve different levels of technical skills (color belts). We will guide you through the steps of improving not only your own condition, but also your sense of self-esteem, as step by step you start to master the art that can also protect you. Training is focused on the whole body, incorporating both the aerobic and anaerobic phase, with a focus on the stretching and shaping of muscles. With regular exercise, you can experience great results in the formation of your figure and the overall strengthening of the body especially in the torso, waist, hips, thighs and arms. In addition, it is great help in enhancing endurance.

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