Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
17.00 Basic course for kids(from 7yrs) 17:30-18:30
Gymnázium Nad Alejí, Petřiny
Basic course (from 10yrs) 17:30-18:50
Gymnázium Nad Alejí, Petřiny
19.00 Basic course for adult 19:30-21:00
Gymnázium Nad Alejí,
Intensive course 19:00-21:00
Gymnázium Nad Alejí,
20.00 Sparring techniques 20:15-21:15
Dračí brána, Petřiny

Shin Karate Membership Fee


 per semester
Basic course for kids (from 7yrs), Monday 17:30-18:302400 CZK
Basic course (from 10yrs), Thursday 17:30-18:502800 CZK
Basic course for adults, Tuesday 19:30-21:003000 CZK
Intensive course, Thursday 19:00-21:003500 CZK
Sparring techniques, Monday 20:15-21:152500 CZK


Membership fee payment is required for one semester (Sep-Jan and Feb-Jun), but if you join us during the year, the fee is adjusted according the the remainig number of classes in a semmester. 

Please, transfer the membership fee to our bank account (you can find it in Contacts) until the 15th day in a month. Thank you.

Your first class (or more if needed) is for free just to make sure yourself that shin karate is really suitable for you. Ask master for details. 

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