Our courses can be visited whenever by anyone without any experience in martial arts. This applies to both adults and children. We always devote individual care to our new members and more attention to them during their beginning. Thus, where necessary, our new members receive additional instructions for exercises appropriate to their skill level. Gradually, under this individually oriented approach, they improve so much that after about two or three months they train along with the others. At each session we also repeat the basic techniques which both advanced and beginners learn again. Even very experienced competitors in Japan never stop repeating the basics, because in each repetition they can relive a new depth and get to know the true nature of practice.


When leading the training sessions, safety is our absolute priority. Therefore only those who have achieved the required level after sufficiently long training of the individual techniques of attack and defense train fighting. However, everyone who exercises regularly will surely get to fight.

Gradual improvements for anybody

Shin karate enables anyone - seemingly very physically untalented men or women - a way to learn something completely new, how to better know your body and mind, and thus gradually improve one technique after another to the stage where you feel yourself recognizing, that you already control the "art" that you can use it and that it enriched a part of you that you did not know before. And thus a new sense of greater self-worth and self-confidence is born.

Individual approach and care

We respect the individual needs and abilities (physical, mental and social) of our members and we always primarily try to ensure that we do not force them to a collective performance. Individually we consult with our members and care for their own development and improvement just in the areas that each of them needs it the most.

Mutual respect and harmony

We strive to create a peaceful and respectful atmosphere where you can feel comfortable, safe and recognized. Therefore, we honor each other during combat and all newcomers are led to the same values. By our nature, we are open to multiculturalism and welcome foreigners from different countries.

The principle of not forcing members and an atmosphere that supports personal performance

We try to act in a way that our members feel a natural desire for self-improvement and performance - so that after training they have a "good feeling" about themselves. We rely on internal motivation, through which we try to support a cordial atmosphere.

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